A Band Director's Guide for Planning Student Travel
I am very impressed with your book! It has been extremely helpful in our trip planning process. PJE Director of Bands LBHS
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(Softcover ISBN) 978-1-4918-6310-7 $14.95
(Ebook ISBN) 978-1-4918-6309-1 $3.99
Also available at Amazon or Barnes & Noble
Travel 101 is a comprehensive guide and step by step blueprint for planning and executing a safe and successful experience for your students. The book covers a wide spectrum of travel related topics and is a valuable resource for either the novice or experienced group planner. Why travel? What are the benefits of a travel program? You’ll get the answers to these and other questions as well as advice and guidance on: Getting Started, Applying for major events i.e. Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade and Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, Choosing a Travel Company, Creating a Budget, Planning Your Itinerary, Making Transportation Choices i.e. Bus, Commercial or Charter Air, Fundraising, Managing Student Accounts, Safety and Security, Travel Do’s and Don’ts, Liability Issues, Chaperones, Medical Concerns, Student Supervision, Dealing with Uniforms and Equipment, Public Relations, Meetings and Methods of Communication, Rooming Assignments, Packing Guidelines, Preparing for Your Performance, and Managing the Trip to name just a few. In addition I have included a resources section in the back of the book with links to various travel and event websites, a major events list, information on several travel associations and several sample forms and letters you can adapt for your own use.
Available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble or AuthorHouse Publishing
978-1-4918-6310-7 (Softcover ISBN) $14.95
978-1-4918-6309-1 (E-book ISBN) $3.99

It says right here that every music educator will travel with their students at some point during their career!  Here’s a great book for new Band, Orchestra or Choir Directors to help you plan safe, educational travel and performance opportunities for your students.
  • A must have for student teachers & all new Music Educators
  • A valuable resource book for college music & marching band methods classes
  • Applicable for any group travel situation
  • Includes numerous forms, letters & diagrams for your use as well as advice on preparing a professional portfolio for your Band when applying for major parades and events

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James Divine – The Music Ed Podcast  

"This is a great book and will be an aid to anyone planning a band, orchestra or choir trip, or even just a youth trip in general. Don't learn mistakes the hard way. Draw on Andrew's vast experience in planning trips. The E-book version is sold at a very low cost!"  A great resource for all Music Educators!
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Episode 21 Band Travel 101

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