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A Band Director's Guide for Planning Student Travel
I am very impressed with your book! It has been extremely helpful in our trip planning process. PJE Director of Bands LBHS
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Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade Official site - http://social.macys.com/parade/#/home
Fort McDowell Fiesta Bowl Parade - http://www.fiestabowl.org/events/fiesta-bowl-parade.php
Marching.com - http://marching.com/
Transportation Safety Authority website - http://www.tsa.gov/
Seat Guru - http://www.seatguru.com/
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                           Events List                                
Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade - New York, New York
Philadelphia Thanksgiving Day Parade - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
McDonald’s Thanksgiving Day Parade - Chicago, Illinois
Americas Thanksgiving Parade - Detroit Michigan
Thanksgiving Parade of Bands at the Walt Disney World® Resort - Orlando, Florida
Waikiki Holiday Parade - Honolulu, Hawaii
West Chester Old Fashioned Christmas Parade - West Chester, Pennsylvania
America's Children's Holiday Parade - Oakland, California
Pearl Harbor Memorial Parade - Honolulu, Hawaii
Fiesta Bowl Parade and Fiesta Bowl Band Championship - Phoenix, Arizona
Pasadena Tournament of Roses Parade - Pasadena, California
Florida Citrus Parade – Orlando, Florida
Rome New Year's Parade - Rome, Italy
Honolulu Festival Parade of Bands - Honolulu, Hawaii
New York City St. Patrick's Day Parade - New York, NY
Chicago St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Chicago, Illinois
Pittsburgh St. Patrick’s Day Parade – Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
National Cherry Blossom Festival Parade - Washington, D.C.
National Memorial Day Parade - Washington, D.C.
D-Day Anniversary - Normandy, France  
Portland Rose Festival Grand Floral Parade - Portland, Oregon
National Independence Day Parade - Washington, D.C.
Philadelphia Independence Day Parade - Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Calgary Stampede Parade and Show Bands Live - Calgary, Alberta, Canada
NYC Veterans Day Parade and Band of Pride Tribute - New York, New York
San Diego Veterans Day Parade and Band of Pride Tribute - San Diego, California
Magnificent Mile Lights Festival Parade - Chicago, Illinois
Kentucky Derby Festival Pegasus Parade - Louisville, Kentucky
Hollywood Christmas Parade - Hollywood, California
Santa Claus Parade – Toronto, Canada
 The Benefits of a Travel Program
  • Performance – travel provides the opportunity to showcase your band in front of a new audience.
  • Pride – students develop a sense of pride and accomplishment when invited to participate in a major event and serve as traveling ambassadors for their school and community. These events provide a great public relations vehicle for promoting your band and music education program as well as your school and community on regional, national or global television.
  • Recruitment & Retention – travel adds an extra incentive for students to join the band and stay in the program.  Students learn social skills, self-confidence, responsibility, commitment and the value of teamwork.
  • Interest & Integration – public relations for your upcoming trip will foster interest about your students within the school and community.  The extra amount of time students and teachers spend together provides a great opportunity for getting to know each other outside of the traditional school environment.  Sharing time with fellow band students and students they will meet from other band programs fosters a sense of fellowship creating lifetime bonds and memories.
  • Educational Enrichment – your students will see new sights, visit historic landmarks, meet new people and experience different climates as they travel across the United States or to a foreign country.  The lessons they will learn from spending time away from home can be invaluable later in life and include responsibility, self-discipline, and teamwork, sense of community and basic life skills gained by living with others.
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